Ashford Child Enrichment Center

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The Ashford Child Enrichment Center (ACEC) is a service outreach of Ashford United Methodist Church. AUMC provides an enriched, creative environment that is sensitive, understanding, and supportive of the ever-changing roles of the family in the church and community.


ACEC's mission is to provide a rich and wholesome living experience for the young children in our care; doing so in a loving, Christian atmosphere. 


Ashford Child Enrichment Center expects to achieve the following goals for your child:

  • To offer lovingly prepared experiences by qualified teachers that will help each child to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially.

  • To foster a positive self-image. Activities are organized to encourage each child’s acceptance of his/her own talents and abilities and the talents and abilities of others.

  • To build a foundation of readiness for basic skills through age-appropriate learning activities.

Hours of Operation 

    Mother's Day Out (2, 3, and 5-day options)  

     Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.

     Extended Care (8-9:00 a.m. OR 2-3:00 p.m) also available at hourly and weekly rates

Traditional Learning Curriculum Includes:

     Well-rounded Preschool Program, School readiness for Kindergarten, Health & Fitness, Math Skills, 

     Music, Phonological Awareness, Science & Discovery, Sign Language for Infant/Toddler classes, and Spanish

     Specific guidelines for each class are available at the Director’s office upon request.


Age as of September 1 determines placement:

Infants (6-11 months) Ratio: 3:1

At Ashford Child Enrichment Center, our teachers stimulate your baby's mental and physical development in a nurturing environment. They sing and read to them and hold and rock them. Teachers incorporate a variety of stimulating activities throughout the day that involve the use of motor skills, tactile stimulation, and visual tracking. Your child will learn to grasp toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects, and more. In addition, infants are introduced to our infant sign language program.

Our program reinforces infants' development while working within their daily schedule. 

Toddlers (12-23 months) Ratio: 5:1

The class for these young children is based on the importance of a loving, secure environment where the child can have his or her first interaction with caregivers outside the home. A first experience with peers is also an important adjustment for the young child. Small groups, well-planned activities, and loving adults make this class a wonderful first experience for the 12 to 23 month old.

Twos (24-36 months) Ratio: 6:1

Often this is the age when most children have their first opportunity to spend extended time away from home. It is their first chance to make new friends and learn new things. Our classes are small so personal attention is possible and individual needs can be met. Learning to be part of a group, sharing, taking turns, and following directions are fundamental learning skills that begin in this age group.

Threes (Three-year-olds) Ratio: 7:1

Children at this age are active, willing learners who look at everything around them in a curious light. Our curriculum covers personal, social, and emotional development, communication skills, language and literacy, mathematical development, knowledge and understanding of the world, and physical and creative development.

Pre-K (Four to Five-year-olds) Ratio 8:1

The Pre-Kindergarten program at ACEC is age-appropriate, offering the child an opportunity to grow as an individual and begin to cultivate a life-long enthusiasm for learning. The curriculum is integrated through a multisensory approach to encourage children to be active participants in their learning.

The learning environment is center-based, giving children the opportunity to explore and make choices. It fosters their abilities to think independently, logically, and creatively. The program encourages children to be responsible members of the class by learning to share and care for materials. Literacy development is encouraged through phonics development, rhyming, and games. They are encouraged to express themselves through drawing and writing. The mathematics curriculum is designed so students can develop number sense, sort and count, describe shapes, and create patterns.

In all of our classes, each child’s individual differences in growth and development are always recognized and accepted. Each one’s unique personality and learning style is considered at all times.

Rachel Makondekwa, Director

Rev. Hazel Jackson, Pastor

Phone: 281-497-6901

Fax: 281-497-7574

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