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Ashford’s Online Community

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After you set up your account it’s easy to access Realm. 


Join us in meeting our family’s ministry goals: keep your profile information updated. When you log in you can change an email address, a phone number or even change that outdated picture.


Manage your giving as recurring or one-time donations in a secure, easy-to-use environment. Contribution statements are always available.


Stay in touch with those closest to you at Ashford or meet new people. Groups are a great way to get and stay connected. For example, your small group or class can have a group in Realm.

Learn About Getting Started

Available Now

After you set up your account it’s easy to access Realm.


After accepting the email invitation to join Realm and setting up your password, log in and begin exploring.
The first step is to make sure your profile information is correct.
Secondly, please upload a current photo of yourself and, if applicable, of your family. This helps leadership keep accurate records and helps our elders shepherd the flock they love.


Your giving at Ashford is now more convenient with online giving linked to your profile. When you establish giving, link a bank account (ACH). This saves our church family money in processing payments but still saves us staff and volunteer time and effort in keeping financial gifts organized.
So let us be clear: we want you to use online giving. It’s convenient for you and the staff.
Through your profile, you can see an updated giving statement whenever you need it.


One of the features we are most excited about is Groups. Everyone is automatically a member of a group called Ashford Church of Christ. It is currently the only group available. In the near future, however, your class, small group or other community group can join each other online through Realm’s group feature.
Our group setup isn’t quite ready, but we’re excited to introduce group leaders to this feature so they can more effectively communicate with those they lead. Then they can begin adding you to their groups and communicating your group’s specific needs, events and more.

Event Registration & Payment

Realm is currently able to handle event registrations and payments. However, because of a few features lacking in the current system important to our family’s priorities, we are not using the Events module.
As ACS (the company that makes Realm) continues to develop this module, we plan to implement event registrations and payments through Realm the moment it fully meets our needs. According to their development roadmap, we expect this in the second half of 2017.
The benefit to registrations in Realm are many. But, mainly, it keeps one more thing at Ashford under one login for our members.

Children's Check-in

We admit it: our children’s check-in procedures are out-of-date and not helpful.
We’re working hard to change this so our children are safe on Sunday mornings. More details are coming soon but the summary is that we intend to implement a children’s check-in feature within Realm.


By default, your address, phone number and other contact information can only be seen by staff members, leaders, or members of groups you are in. In order for anyone else to see your information, you must adjust your privacy settings and opt-in to the Directory.

Everyone else with a login can only see your name and photo.

To control who sees what information or do allow (or not allow) everyone with a Realm login to see your information, visit your privacy settings on your profile page.

Staff members are always able to see your Realm data.

There much more that goes into protecting your privacy, including your use of a good, randomized password.

Getting Help

Realm help is a click away.

While in Realm, simply click the question mark in the upper right hand
corner of your computer browser for help relevant to the page you are
currently viewing.

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